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if you decide on not returning to Reno, I'm 99.9% positive the majority of us here won't miss you.

No word yet whether or not he'll be expelled. There's a petition, and probably be protests soon in and around UNR for his ousting.

Speaking of ousting, how much more proof is needed over-sized Ommpa Loopa don't belong in the White House?
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There's fires burning outside of the area. The smoke and ash are winding up here making it hazy and smelling like a barbecue - time to whip out Apocalypse Now remark. Seriously, I'm grateful to not having any pre-existing breathing issues or living near the fires. The heat's let up some (smoke and ash overcast helps cut the sun's power some)and my brain feels up to composing an entry.

1) Binge watched all available episodes of Blood Drive. Fat Elvis and Clown Dick, we hardly knew you. Rib Bone, cause you got a cute little doggie that needs caring for, I'm not counting you out yet. Aki and Julian, will you marry me?

2) Prime Day was a bust for me. The dream router I wanted never happened. I consoled myself with a 10lb bag of diatomaceous earth and a discounted for the day Criterion Collection dvd of Grey Gardens.

3) Wynonna Earp second season keeps getting better and better!

4) Read The Missing Ones: An absolutely gripping thriller with a jaw-dropping twist steaming pile of crap (How the hell did you ever make Detective Lottie you will never be Olivia Benson Parker Book 1, DEAR GODS, NO, NOT A SERIES). Why does it have so many frickin stars on Amazon and Goodreads???!!! To give you the tip of the shit-berg: Our so-called detective goes off by herself on foot (she frequently walks around alone during the investigation, and it's winter with a ton of snow and ice on the ground) from a crime scene. She gets mugged and nearly strangled, but goes home and waits to report it the next day???!!! Also victim blames one of the deceased right after mugger gets scared off. This is all within the span of a chapter and a half. Lucky book, you are on my kindle, so I can't throw you against the wall.

5) With American Gods done, canceled Starz monthly subscription and got one to Shudder.

6) Got Princess Jellyfish 5 yesterday.

7) Congratulations, 13th Doctor. Who writers, DON'T screw this up.

8) RIP George Romero and Martin Landau :(

9) Third season of Rick and Morty on July 30th.

10) Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!
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Was going to do this post on American Gods and maybe a few other things, but something EXTREMELY NEWSWORTHY AND VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT made the rounds today and it MUST be mentioned: A possible return of Animaniacs maybe in the works.

Warner Brothers and Warner Sister back in our lives? YES PLEASE!!!
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Seen every episode of Kids in the Hall, numerous times. I (not personally) KNOW HIM!!! So how the hell did this fly by me?! Sitting there watching AG Episode 3, he's practically staring me right in the eye, and nada - no recognition triggered whatsoever. AVClub recap had to clue me in.

Also got a crush on Mad Sweeney. Horse faced, obnoxious, short tempered, dirty, money slips thru his fingers;) drunk, and hot damn he's dynamic! Fills a wife-beater in all the right ways, too.
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Nope, not as another TV series but as a graphic novel (from the looks of it, currently available chapters on Kindle if you can't wait until October for a physical copy).

The art work (from the samples posted), in my opinion could be better - it's minor quibble though. Just having a continuation AND with one of the show's writers on board more than makes up for it.

Totally unrelated: I apologize for the near radio silence on posting. The Pretty Putin TOS fallout/mass flee to DW had me *confloozled for awhile there. Waiting for the **third shoe to drop has finally passed, and so here I am :)

*Whole thing was so weird, the feeling needed it's own special made-up word.

**Not malaproping. Again, the whole thing was so weird, it went past the standard two shoe quip and into Francesco Lentini territory.
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Had the misfortune of seeing a few snippets here and there of these damn things (when the Cartoon Network is your most watched/go-to channel, it's a given that sooner or later your eye WILL catch shit).

Up until recently, the worst one was Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz. Auntie Em tells "You must watch over Dorothy...blahblahblah. You're very important...blahblahblah" to not Toto. I'll give you a hint to who the speech is aimed at: Name's in the title and it ain't the Wizard.

Whelp, painful shoehorning award now falls way, way, way down to this. Seriously, no joke. Not hallucination either. Nor a bad dream. Cold hard reality anvil coming down on your head - sorry.
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#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

I joined LJ ("Created on 28 October 2002", same username to this day) back when you either needed an invite or paid (I did, still am) to get an account. In spite of the ups&downs over the years and current TOS craziness, I don't regret having it.
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Due to Boing Boing, The Mary Sue, The Daily Dot, io9, and Charlie Stross (Wiki) spreading the news for their big followings to repeat - putting my DW to use and crossposting seems to be a pretty good idea right now with the rainbow hitting the fan.

Not quitting LJ obviously. Just playing it safe.

Being active in both almost at the same time is going to be weird though. Feels like I'm moving from one house to another across the way, but the transition process froze and now I'm playing tennis.

Why did the chicken stop in the middle of the road? Because he has DW and LJ with a scattered FL between them.
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Got the big clean up of the library/cat room (where the crawlspace is located) done. It started Friday evening and took most of the weekend.

The room itself is small and didn't take long to thoroughly vacuum and Bissel clean. The major time suck was all the books. So many to carry out, so many to dust, so many to carry back in, so many to re-shelve. So. Many. Muther. Fuckin. Books!

Felt never-ending. Deal with a batch, look over at what's left, no obvious decrease. How I managed to find the strength to carry on...Delirium? Dream? Desire? Despair? Destiny? Destruction? Death? Yes, I got The Sandman trades. Speaking of Neil Gaiman, found my copy of American Gods, not that it was ever lost, but I know now where exactly it is. May do a re-read in preparation for April 30th. If everything goes according to plan, have wifi again by then and watch on the big screen.

Damn happy tackled that room first. Whole lot of work and loss of sleep, but totally worth it. I've gone in numerous time just to admire what I did; neat and dust free at long last!

Off for a much needed rest.
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After 12 years of dsl, and it getting way too pokey way too often (suspect throttling), I'm venturing into the Modern Age. Made an appointment 2 weeks from now to get cable upgrade for 60 Mbps. Dsl is 30 something Mbps.

In the meantime, making the place all nice and clean for incoming visitor. Doubt he'll notice whether it's tidy or not. Unless there's a giant spiders nest, half eaten rotting pizzas laying around, blood dripping from the walls, Jason Voorhees etc., he probably tunes out everything but the job at hand ("Greet customer. Drill holes here, here, maybe there. Crawl under floors. Run line. Hook-up. More polite noise with customer. Leave").

Does make for a good incentive to clean, though. Was going to do it anyway...eventually. But now have no excuse for procrastinating.
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TCM's long time host, Robert Osborne passed last week. I liked his before&after the movie commentaries. Like Roger Ebert did, Osborne leaves a void behind that will never be quite filled.

Even a bigger bummer is we'll never hear any thoughts he might have had on Feud. OMGods, I've only seen the first episode so far and it is DAMN GOOD!!! In anticipation of the series, last year I got a used hardback edition of Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud - great and insightful read.

Also read Baby Jane years ago and have seen both adaptations of it (Bette&Joan's version is the far better one). You don't need previous knowledge of the books or movies, but it doesn't hurt. While I'm not a fan of those two, I am familiar enough with them both to enjoy all the little details (plastic covering on Joan's furniture and her beauty treatments, Bette's ever present cigarette and attitude, Pepsi).

Another thing I watched recently is Belladonna of Sadness. I fell asleep half way thru it - yep, that boring. Did a fast backward to see what I missed - yep, that's where the third part of my subject header came from.

Artsy-fartsy and runs too long. If Jean Rollin made an animated movie, it'd probably be a lot like this.

Pass on the other two in the trilogy. Sooner give Fritz the Cat another shot.
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Happy B-day, [livejournal.com profile] blue_eye!!!