Jan. 15th, 2017

zimon66: (Bugs Has Fits)
Going thru "weather fatigue". After managed to muster up enough energy to login into LJ, I see I'm not alone.

Since last week it's been Noah's Ark flood, followed by woolly mammoth vacation retreat, with penguin ice skating rinks in-between, and little to no sun. My free time has been spent mostly on obsessively watching the local news for updated weather reports, looking repeatedly out front door/back door/various windows checking the weather, and worrying about getting around out in said weather. Thursday was so bad, I made it half way in to work before turning around and going home and calling in (car accidents galore, including one of Channel 2 news vans).

Added bonus: Had to work Saturday. Usually, when the department comes in on a Saturday (always a half day), everybody is productive, pretty much arrive&leave at the same time. Not yesterday. People drifted in&out at different times, sat and talked for awhile, one fell asleep at their desk - it's the frickin weather.

Snow and ice is s-l-o-w-l-y melting off. But it's nerve wracking knowing it normally leaves a lot quicker, but instead is just sitting there mocking you. I'm born and raised in Southern CA. Even though I've lived in Northern NV for 20+ years, still very fearful of ice, especially walking on it (I don't, as much as possible - I will walk in snowdrifts to avoid it).

Noah's Ark flood is scheduled for a repeat performance in a few days .

Got jury duty summons for either next or the following week. Really hoping it stays clear and dry during that time. I don't like going downtown, like it even less if have to deal with slick conditions.