Feb. 7th, 2017

zimon66: (Cat in the Brain)
Gabby Goat's grousing from Porky's Badtime Story. I've been sleeping weird for the last two weeks, and Gabby's grumpy-ass remark keeps popping up in my mind each time.

Fall asleep when I shouldn't (while watching TV), the few hours nap keeps me awake for the most of the night, right when I start to doze off it's time to get up for work. Right around mid afternoon, zombiefied until the second wind comes up. Go home, feeling fine. CRASH!!! Damn cycle repeats.

Took FOUR tries to watch the same episode of The Mick in its entirety. I'd be watching Steven Universe at 7PM and wind up looking at Bob's Burgers around 10:30PM, wondering how exactly I managed to get from Point A to Point C by skipping B.

I relearned the lesson of STAYING UPRIGHT AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN FRONT OF TV!!! No leaning! Not even a little! Must tune out comfy couch's allure!

In other news: Warm and pouring rain here. So damn nice not having to deal with snow and ice. Wish winter was like this every year.