Feb. 19th, 2017

zimon66: (Cat in the Brain)
Ugh. Once again I've fallen into a zombified state, fall behind on LJ, hop into Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine to read everybody's past posts, few hours later head is spinning from it all.

Anyway, I'm damn glad Valentine's Day came and went. It's not the love aspect that bothers me, but the coming off holidays hangover and the gawd awful color scheme in stores' seasonal aisles (the dark reds with lighter pinks is annoying clash to my eyes). I don't mind walking down the "inside of an intestine" or a "vein", just not both at the same time.

Nothing says "Winter" like bunnies and bathing suit displays in February. Retail has to do seasonal set-ups two months ahead of time, which is unintentional funny sometimes.

Forgot to mention in past post, got out of jury duty...so far. Was canceled, but I could still be called in on a latter date.

Why the cancellation? Could have been the potential of flooding at the time. Or because I switched my party affiliation on New Year's Eve to Nonpartisan. The pre-jury summons arrived on Election Day aka The Trumping, like I wasn't already royally ticked off. After the November Fiasco of 2016, I had ENOUGH! FUCK THIS SHIT!!!

I'm assuming (due to past summoning experience) party affiliation plays a big part in jury selection: Rep and Dem, the court has a pretty good idea of which way a person will swing. Anything else is a wild card, possibly from another planet, and that can cause the case to get dragged out or worse. I knew someone who was a Third Party member (Libertarian), he got summoned ONCE. When they realized their mistake, couldn't get him out of there fast enough. Maybe Nonpartisan is viewed as an eldritch horror from another dimension ("Yog-Sothoth!")?

Added bonus of going online (surprisingly easy&quick) and making the switch: Check off box for "No Political Calls". Damn right I checked that sucker!