Mar. 12th, 2017

zimon66: (Cat in the Brain)
TCM's long time host, Robert Osborne passed last week. I liked his before&after the movie commentaries. Like Roger Ebert did, Osborne leaves a void behind that will never be quite filled.

Even a bigger bummer is we'll never hear any thoughts he might have had on Feud. OMGods, I've only seen the first episode so far and it is DAMN GOOD!!! In anticipation of the series, last year I got a used hardback edition of Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud - great and insightful read.

Also read Baby Jane years ago and have seen both adaptations of it (Bette&Joan's version is the far better one). You don't need previous knowledge of the books or movies, but it doesn't hurt. While I'm not a fan of those two, I am familiar enough with them both to enjoy all the little details (plastic covering on Joan's furniture and her beauty treatments, Bette's ever present cigarette and attitude, Pepsi).

Another thing I watched recently is Belladonna of Sadness. I fell asleep half way thru it - yep, that boring. Did a fast backward to see what I missed - yep, that's where the third part of my subject header came from.

Artsy-fartsy and runs too long. If Jean Rollin made an animated movie, it'd probably be a lot like this.

Pass on the other two in the trilogy. Sooner give Fritz the Cat another shot.