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Got the big clean up of the library/cat room (where the crawlspace is located) done. It started Friday evening and took most of the weekend.

The room itself is small and didn't take long to thoroughly vacuum and Bissel clean. The major time suck was all the books. So many to carry out, so many to dust, so many to carry back in, so many to re-shelve. So. Many. Muther. Fuckin. Books!

Felt never-ending. Deal with a batch, look over at what's left, no obvious decrease. How I managed to find the strength to carry on...Delirium? Dream? Desire? Despair? Destiny? Destruction? Death? Yes, I got The Sandman trades. Speaking of Neil Gaiman, found my copy of American Gods, not that it was ever lost, but I know now where exactly it is. May do a re-read in preparation for April 30th. If everything goes according to plan, have wifi again by then and watch on the big screen.

Damn happy tackled that room first. Whole lot of work and loss of sleep, but totally worth it. I've gone in numerous time just to admire what I did; neat and dust free at long last!

Off for a much needed rest.
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