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Nope, not as another TV series but as a graphic novel (from the looks of it, currently available chapters on Kindle if you can't wait until October for a physical copy).

The art work (from the samples posted), in my opinion could be better - it's minor quibble though. Just having a continuation AND with one of the show's writers on board more than makes up for it.

Totally unrelated: I apologize for the near radio silence on posting. The Pretty Putin TOS fallout/mass flee to DW had me *confloozled for awhile there. Waiting for the **third shoe to drop has finally passed, and so here I am :)

*Whole thing was so weird, the feeling needed it's own special made-up word.

**Not malaproping. Again, the whole thing was so weird, it went past the standard two shoe quip and into Francesco Lentini territory.
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