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After 12 years of dsl, and it getting way too pokey way too often (suspect throttling), I'm venturing into the Modern Age. Made an appointment 2 weeks from now to get cable upgrade for 60 Mbps. Dsl is 30 something Mbps.

In the meantime, making the place all nice and clean for incoming visitor. Doubt he'll notice whether it's tidy or not. Unless there's a giant spiders nest, half eaten rotting pizzas laying around, blood dripping from the walls, Jason Voorhees etc., he probably tunes out everything but the job at hand ("Greet customer. Drill holes here, here, maybe there. Crawl under floors. Run line. Hook-up. More polite noise with customer. Leave").

Does make for a good incentive to clean, though. Was going to do it anyway...eventually. But now have no excuse for procrastinating.
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TCM's long time host, Robert Osborne passed last week. I liked his before&after the movie commentaries. Like Roger Ebert did, Osborne leaves a void behind that will never be quite filled.

Even a bigger bummer is we'll never hear any thoughts he might have had on Feud. OMGods, I've only seen the first episode so far and it is DAMN GOOD!!! In anticipation of the series, last year I got a used hardback edition of Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud - great and insightful read.

Also read Baby Jane years ago and have seen both adaptations of it (Bette&Joan's version is the far better one). You don't need previous knowledge of the books or movies, but it doesn't hurt. While I'm not a fan of those two, I am familiar enough with them both to enjoy all the little details (plastic covering on Joan's furniture and her beauty treatments, Bette's ever present cigarette and attitude, Pepsi).

Another thing I watched recently is Belladonna of Sadness. I fell asleep half way thru it - yep, that boring. Did a fast backward to see what I missed - yep, that's where the third part of my subject header came from.

Artsy-fartsy and runs too long. If Jean Rollin made an animated movie, it'd probably be a lot like this.

Pass on the other two in the trilogy. Sooner give Fritz the Cat another shot.
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Happy B-day, [livejournal.com profile] blue_eye!!!
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Happy B-day, [livejournal.com profile] monkiainen!!!
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Ugh. Once again I've fallen into a zombified state, fall behind on LJ, hop into Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine to read everybody's past posts, few hours later head is spinning from it all.

Anyway, I'm damn glad Valentine's Day came and went. It's not the love aspect that bothers me, but the coming off holidays hangover and the gawd awful color scheme in stores' seasonal aisles (the dark reds with lighter pinks is annoying clash to my eyes). I don't mind walking down the "inside of an intestine" or a "vein", just not both at the same time.

Nothing says "Winter" like bunnies and bathing suit displays in February. Retail has to do seasonal set-ups two months ahead of time, which is unintentional funny sometimes.

Forgot to mention in past post, got out of jury duty...so far. Was canceled, but I could still be called in on a latter date.

Why the cancellation? Could have been the potential of flooding at the time. Or because I switched my party affiliation on New Year's Eve to Nonpartisan. The pre-jury summons arrived on Election Day aka The Trumping, like I wasn't already royally ticked off. After the November Fiasco of 2016, I had ENOUGH! FUCK THIS SHIT!!!

I'm assuming (due to past summoning experience) party affiliation plays a big part in jury selection: Rep and Dem, the court has a pretty good idea of which way a person will swing. Anything else is a wild card, possibly from another planet, and that can cause the case to get dragged out or worse. I knew someone who was a Third Party member (Libertarian), he got summoned ONCE. When they realized their mistake, couldn't get him out of there fast enough. Maybe Nonpartisan is viewed as an eldritch horror from another dimension ("Yog-Sothoth!")?

Added bonus of going online (surprisingly easy&quick) and making the switch: Check off box for "No Political Calls". Damn right I checked that sucker!
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Happy B-day, [livejournal.com profile] scripsi!!!
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Gabby Goat's grousing from Porky's Badtime Story. I've been sleeping weird for the last two weeks, and Gabby's grumpy-ass remark keeps popping up in my mind each time.

Fall asleep when I shouldn't (while watching TV), the few hours nap keeps me awake for the most of the night, right when I start to doze off it's time to get up for work. Right around mid afternoon, zombiefied until the second wind comes up. Go home, feeling fine. CRASH!!! Damn cycle repeats.

Took FOUR tries to watch the same episode of The Mick in its entirety. I'd be watching Steven Universe at 7PM and wind up looking at Bob's Burgers around 10:30PM, wondering how exactly I managed to get from Point A to Point C by skipping B.

I relearned the lesson of STAYING UPRIGHT AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN FRONT OF TV!!! No leaning! Not even a little! Must tune out comfy couch's allure!

In other news: Warm and pouring rain here. So damn nice not having to deal with snow and ice. Wish winter was like this every year.
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Going thru "weather fatigue". After managed to muster up enough energy to login into LJ, I see I'm not alone.

Since last week it's been Noah's Ark flood, followed by woolly mammoth vacation retreat, with penguin ice skating rinks in-between, and little to no sun. My free time has been spent mostly on obsessively watching the local news for updated weather reports, looking repeatedly out front door/back door/various windows checking the weather, and worrying about getting around out in said weather. Thursday was so bad, I made it half way in to work before turning around and going home and calling in (car accidents galore, including one of Channel 2 news vans).

Added bonus: Had to work Saturday. Usually, when the department comes in on a Saturday (always a half day), everybody is productive, pretty much arrive&leave at the same time. Not yesterday. People drifted in&out at different times, sat and talked for awhile, one fell asleep at their desk - it's the frickin weather.

Snow and ice is s-l-o-w-l-y melting off. But it's nerve wracking knowing it normally leaves a lot quicker, but instead is just sitting there mocking you. I'm born and raised in Southern CA. Even though I've lived in Northern NV for 20+ years, still very fearful of ice, especially walking on it (I don't, as much as possible - I will walk in snowdrifts to avoid it).

Noah's Ark flood is scheduled for a repeat performance in a few days .

Got jury duty summons for either next or the following week. Really hoping it stays clear and dry during that time. I don't like going downtown, like it even less if have to deal with slick conditions.
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1) "Happy New Year!"
2) ([livejournal.com profile] 2017revival) "Hi! Looking for friends"

That last one explains Dw's cheery (been awhile since their last) announcement that included a welcome to long numbered x-amount of new users. I originally thought this was maybe a whole mess of tumblr users who got fed up using it for rp and migrated to DW. Like the LJ rpers did way back when Subject header for comments was done away with for awhile.

I'm not really worried. Been here since 2002 and have seen a lot. Didn't leave any of those other times, and I'm not going now.

Do have a DW for backup: http://zimon66.dreamwidth.org/profile.

Funny thing, I was thinking about update&importing cause of the new year and has been about five since I last did. Wish thought of doing it sooner before everybody and their brother panicked.

Guess better go get busy on that.
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Not content with Carrie, it took her Mom, too.
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2017 Revival.

This is in fact, one post in a new LJ Friending Community - 2017revival's Journal
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Happy B-day, [livejournal.com profile] breakon87!!!
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a multifandom friending meme
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Got stuck for awhile in a bad sleep cycle. Sit down in front of the computer and be so damn tired, do the ole head-snap (start nodding off and jerk back up awake). It's too early to go to bed, think watching TV might be less taxing on my brain - oh was it ever. Nod right off quick for a few hours. Thanks to the untimely nap, I go to bed wide awake. Just as I'm finally drifting off, have to get up for work. Repeat.

Loads of fun doing this for over a week. Along came yesterday's new episodes for the new season of A&E's Hoarders and broke the head-snap spell. No way was I going to let myself nod off on something I've been eagerly anticipating - yes, I love watching hoarder shows, dontjudgeme!

Usually, I feel sympathy for the hoarder(s). But ever so often there's one that royally ticks me off. Last night, a lady thought going over the (mutually agreed upon) scented decorative candle limit far more important than her diabetic husband's well-being. She already had been a major bi-otch, including repeatedly dismissing his feelings, putting the blame on him, and a tearful tantrum at one point, all to get HER way over these candles. I came thisclose reaching into the TV screen, grabbing the fuckin candles, shoving them up her ass.

The organizers came up with a much better/far less violent solution. Husband got his own uncluttered room and peace of mind (no more injuring himself on her hoard and running the risk of gangrene).

Dunno about him, but I'm side-eyeing all future scented decorative candles.
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Happy B-day, [livejournal.com profile] dfordoom!!!