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zimon66: (Cat in the Brain)

Give me books, chocolate, & Spectra Soldiers!!!

(Plus a sideorder of fries)

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Created on 2011-12-21 20:54:24 (#1161743), last updated 2017-10-02 (2 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:Reno, Nevada, United States of America
Don't let the name fool you, I'm NOT a guy, but a long in the tooth (I remember a time BEFORE cable, internet, dvds and Madonna) Generation X female who's old enough to be somebody's mom...GRANDMOTHER???!!! aunt. The Profile pic is the movie poster/box art for Lucio Fulci's A Cat in the Brain. In a nutshell, the title's meaning is "a maddening itch in your head".

Instead of attempting to write a personal bio, here's something that I find hysterical and you probably will too. Anything in particular you want to know about me, ask and maybe I'll bore you to death with the details tell - LOL!!!

Got a mix of public and "Friends Only" entries. I'm careful who I add as friends (always check out others LJs before accepting them as friends) so if you stick me on your list and I don't do the same back it's because something about you raised red flag(s) or I need to watch you for awhile to make up my mind - nothing personal, just trying to be careful. Also I do read my Friend's LJs and do try to comment on at least a semi-regular basis.

Ok, now go waste your time reading my boring posts, checking out a few favorite links and or taking a look at my many and amazing "Interests" - LOL!!!

DW Layout is Dusk by nornoriel for Practicality" with some color tweaking by me.

Behold the amazing Robocop & Unicorn and be awed!!!

Best earworm ever: "The Night Begins To Shine"

Added because I like the Howling II theme song, the soundtrack (vinyl) hasn't been available in years (no cd re-release) and I appreciate this YouTuber's making a 80's MTV inspired "video".

Click for Reno, Nevada Forecast

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2 broke girls, a&e's intervention, adult swim, adventure time, amazon, american dad, american gods, american horror story, ancient magus' bride, animal cops, anime, anime news network, another period, anti-peta, aqua teen hunger force, asian horror, av club, bar rescue, battle of the planets, birth.movies.death, blood drive, blue exorcist, bob's burgers, bojack horseman, bones, bookgasm, books, bride of deimos, cannibalism, carlton mellick iii, cartoon network, cats, chocolate, crimson spell, csi: crime scene investigation, cthulhu, d. gray-man, dance-in-the-vampire-bund, defiance, dinosaurs, dlisted, doctor who, dragons, drawn together, fables, fairly oddparents, fairy tales, family guy, fangoria, folklore, full metal alchemist, gatchaman, gawker, ghouls, gorillaz, goth, grey gardens, grimm, h. p. lovecraft, harvey birdman, hell girl, hellsing, hoarders, horror, hot in cleveland, house of mystery, icons, image comics, insects, inuyasha, investigation discovery, io9, j-horror, jan valentine, john waters, junkfood, kurosagi corpse delivery service, law&order, law&order: svu, lifehacker, luke valentine, lycanthropy, magic, manga, mercedes thompson series, miranda hart, morbius the living vampire, my cat from hell, mythos, neo-paganism, netflix, paper sisters, parasol protectorate series, penny dreadful, petshop of horrors, pizza, princess jellyfish, princess resurrection, punktown, rat queens, reality tea, regular show, reiko the zombie shop, reno, rick and morty, robot chicken, robot unicorn attack, roger ebert, sadako, saga, sanctuary, sandman slim, sealab2021, servamp, shiki, sisters of mercy, skeletons, skulls, south park, spectra soldiers, spiders, star-vs-the-forces-of-evil, steven universe, strong bad, the ancient magus' bride, the big bang theory, the dreaming, the goon, the horror fiction review, the mick, the sandman, the soup, toonami, torchwood, tori maia, true crime, ugly americans, valentine brothers, vampires, venture bros, vertigo comics, watamote, werewolves, westworld, witch doctor, wynonna earp, yaoi, z nation, zombies
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